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Quartets and Octets

Within Cheshire Chord Company, we have a number of Quartets and Octets.
Find out more about these groups below!


IN HOUSE have been singing together since 2019. All four ladies are members of Cheshire Chord Company. On Tenor is Jane; Lead is Julie; Rachel is on Baritone; and Bass is CCC's Musical Director Jo.

IN HOUSE were delighted to be named the 2022 LABBS Quartet Champions, and we have exciting plans for our championship year. 

As part of the new Barbershop Harmony Society and LABBS alliance, we accepted the invitation from BHS to compete as the first LABBS quartet at the international convention. This was held in Louisville in July 2023 and we had the most amazing time!

If you would like to book IN HOUSE for any upcoming shows, please get in touch via our Facebook page or by emailing

2023 Louisville-43 In House (LABBS)-100.jpg


Octave is an Octet made up of eight singers who all sing with Cheshire Chord Company. We have Victoria on Tenor then Jo, Kat and Una singing lead, Brenda and Heather singing baritone and last but not least Helen and Gill are our basses.   


Octave love to entertain when we get the opportunity and we sing a range of popular songs from beautiful ballads to uptempo numbers. When we’re not singing with our fabulous Cheshire Chord Company we love to rehearse and we’re fond of a good social get together! 


If you would like to book us to entertain at your next event please contact us by emailing Heather on the following address:

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